To genuinely understand your current situation

To discover where you want to go in business

To work with you on high payoff activities that get results.





Personal Freedom


To come alongside business owners looking for a better way and help them to

Think differently

Find what works

Put productive ideas into action

Achieve tangible results

Promote Growth and Prosperity

Who we are

Growth & Prosperity Strategies is the brain-child of a small business think-tank whose members are passionate and obsessed with the goal of helping the owners of small businesses, enjoy radical success and personal freedom.

We all know the statistics on business failure in the first few years of trading, so we do not need to go there. The team at GPS has many years of business experience, and having enjoyed the highs and battled through and overcome some failures, we have gained both wisdom and insight that can help you to Grow and Prosper in the truest sense of the word.

What we have done

Our collective experience covers just about every industry sector, from corner Fish and Chip shops to $100 million dollar businesses. We started out inventing businesses of various kinds. Along the way we have had many successes and experienced some failures along the way, but regardless, we kept going and eventually broke through. We never cease to learn from our experiences. Hopefully we might get some time to share some of our life journey with you as we come alongside to support, encourage and provided some very practical and powerful tools?

What we can do for you:

We love to listen, and sense your heartbeat for your business. After all, if you are serious about growing your business and increasing profits, you have probably put in thousands of hours and poured your heart and soul into your business.

Once we develop a good understanding of your current business, (Current Situation Analysis), we will then ask a lot of questions to determine where you want to take the business. We look at this in a holistic way, because you can’t ignore important things like family, health and personal growth. Your business goals must align with who you are, otherwise you might just climb the ladder of success and find it is leaning against the wrong wall. We have been there and done that, and we can help you avoid common mistakes.

Once we know your current situation and where you want to go, we identify “High Payoff Activities” that will get you there. Next we improve on existing systems, and implement new tools and strategies that place you on a trajectory towards your Growth and Prosperity Goals.