What is ecommerce?

When trading of products or services is done electronically using computer networks such as internet it is referred to as electronic commerce. Ecommerce involves technologies like electronic fund transfer, mobile commerce, online transactions processing, electronic data interchange techniques, online inventory management, automated data collection and supply chain management.

The websites or webpages that offer products or services through electronic payment processing system using electronic networks are known as an e-store or online store.




What is an e-Commerce solution?

When a solution involves ecommerce integration, online payment processing, e-store subscription management, CRM database management, online inventory management, product or services addition or management, it is known as an ecommerce solution.

Why your business may benefit from an eCommerce Solution?



Ecommerce is becoming very popular as people are getting more comfortable with buying online. They love the convenience and the ability to shop for precisely what they need.

If you have services or products to offer to your customers online then ecommerce solutions or ecommerce processing is a must to run your business effectively. A website properly integrated with ecommerce applications like product processing, payment methods integration, inventory management, adding or managing new or existing products respectively to your store is a whole new world that ecommerce solution can offer.

What eCommerce services we offer?

GPS is able to offer cutting edge eCommerce solutions that will get you online quickly and with a minimum of fuss. eCommerce will only work when the customer trusts your site, so we make sure all the correct certificates are installed, and that the site is fully secure. Popular payment gateways like Paypal, have a number of requirements regarding the security of your website, and they will not let you use their systems for payment unless everything is up to the highest standards. If you are looking to establish ongoing passive income streams, subscription services can also be installed.


Why you need ecommerce store integration?

Our eCommerce store integration service is fully designed to setup your e-store, enabling¬†user friendly product processing, payment methods integration make¬†online payments easy. User friendly owner management tools are¬†fully featured enabling you to add new products or images with ease. Our user friendly backend will also help to manage the inventory of products by integrating it with POS or other applications. More importantly integration¬†of your CRM database helps you to build a¬†continuous stream of leads to ensure ongoing¬†growth and prosperity. Another advantage of our eCommerce store integration is that it is fully responsive, meaning that it doesn’t matter what device or operating system your clients use, they will still get the full benefits of your beautiful website. We know the value of your customers and we are aware of the importance of mobile users to your business. So, we provide a¬†fully responsive e-Commerce store solution meaning your business never loses a customer!

So, get your own ecommerce store now and start making money for your business.


How will eCommerce subscription services benefit you?

To sum it up, does “Passive Income” appeal to you?

From the customers perspective, it reduces hassles. They don’t need to order same thing again and again at regular intervals. Their information kept on the database, they don’t need the repetition of filling in the same info repetitively.

We will design your e-Commerce store to serve your clients purposes and enable you to grow and expand. e-Commerce stores enabled for subscription management,enable you to generate a continuous passive revenue stream. So, contact us now if you would like to hear the sound of your website store going ca-ching, ca-ching, even while you sleep or go on holidays.