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Internet marketing that works, increase leads from my website

"Our latest campaign has achieved growth in traffic from zero to 350 visitors a day with 100% conversions to the landing page on a brand new website for an existing business. The landing page was launched just 15 days ago. The budget is limited, so the average cost per conversion needed to be low - just 17 cents in the startup phase. More recently the average conversion rate has settled at around 8 cents, with one campaign only costing 3 cents per conversion. This is a company where there the competition is extremely hot! Are we excited with those results? You-betcha! We are getting several good qualified leads resulting from the traffic every day costing $10 per lead, we have never experienced such a high return of investment on our marketing budget." 

Marketing Manager

6 vital concepts in every successful internet marketing campaign

Quickly learn how to avoid common mistakes, simplify your internet marketing strategies and get a higher ROI on you marketing budget. If you have tried outsourcing internet marketing before, the chances are you have experienced the difficulties of getting a good result for a fair price? So what will it take to change that for your business?

Internet marketing ideas that work

What is a marketing channel?

There are a vast and growing number of excellent tools and systems available to the average small business. Success starts with identifying the unique marketing channels that work for your business. Like backing a winner in a horse race, it is a matter of "Horses for Courses". You need use only the tools that work exceptionally well for your unique business. We all know this makes sense, but getting to simple and effective takes knowledge that can only be gained through trial and error over time. This guide will help you get there and avoid costly and painful mistakes along the way.

How can synergy help?

Synergy can help you get the highest ROI out of the marketing channels you create, while exploring the variety of ways the different marketing platforms can contribute to your business success. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on internet marketing going right back to 1994 when things were just getting started. We have enjoyed some spectacular successes and learnt from our failures along he way. Just about everyone who succeeds with internet marketing has had the help and guidance of and experienced mentor. If you like what you get from the book, you may like to take advantage of some complimentary expert advice from our team as well.

It's all about identifying high payoff activities.

With so many opions and great tools for marketing, how can you cut right through the clutter and get to the things that work? Leverage your marketing budget by identifying high payoff activities and focusing on what works best for your business.

How do I drive landing page traffic?

You can design and create the best net in the ocean, but if you’re not near the fish, you’ll never catch a thing. The same goes for your landing pages. If your landing page doesn’t have traffic, it doesn’t have leads. And no leads, means no sales. We’ll discuss no-nonsense methods you can use today to get more, and better targetted, visitors on your landing pages.

Your guide to generating qualified leads

Once you’ve studied up on the basics, the party isn’t over. We’ll discuss some common lead generation strategies and speak in layman's terms about what it really means to test and prove your campaigns. Leave the science and math at home, and we’ll talk common sense strategies for better conversion rates.

Monetize your business marketing.

Once you’ve got a marketing system working, and leads coming into your pipeline, it’s important to know what to do with them. We’ll take you beyond the world of internet marketing to the world of sales performance. Building a great marketing and sales funnel is only the beginning!

Ready to Get Started?

In this guide you will learn about:

  • How to optimize your website to get more conversions.
  • Generating all the leads you need to achieve your sale goals.
  • What a lead magnet is, and how to engage more customers.
  • How you can reduce your advertising costs with sensible SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Finding the right keywords that will drive down your cost per lead generated.
  • What the important acronyms mean, like PPC, CTR, CPC etc. in plain English.
  • Just how important being mobile friendly is and how it will reduce your ad cost.

With over 30 years of small business experience and 20 years of internet marketing, we've learnt a lot about lead generation and growing small business—and we're excited to share that knowledge with you.